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Dancing About Architecture

Independent Music Reviews

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Ah...Dancing About Architecture indeed. While there is some debate concerning who in fact first coined the phrase, one thing is for certain: If you have ever had something useful you yearned to say about a record and longed for an audience who would appreciate your keen insight then you are definitely in the right place!

Any record you choose is fair game for writing about here and everyone who joins is encouraged to submit work in the form of any where between 200 and 600 word essays or in a "quickies!" format which you can learn about here.

Your submissions will be forwarded to a board of moderators for approval and any neccessary editing or formatting before posting. Please keep in mind i do not expect magnum opuses or the most exquisite of prose when submitting your work. If its heartfelt, has content, is readable, and is a record that the moderators consider relevant then it is going to get posted.

We have adopted a rating system that should be used as a feature of your review along with such basic information as artist, album title, year of release, and record label.

Although the focus here will be on more recently released records of the "independent" persuation you are still free to submit reviews on any record and any genre whether it be on a major or not-so-major label you have loved or hated through the years.

You are also encouraged to post replies agreeing, disagreeing, or perhaps both agreeing and disagreeing with the reviewers take on a record however you must be a registered livejournal user and flaming will NOT be tolerated.

Album reviews, by design, sow seeds of doubt -- about yesterday’s performers -- and incite lust for the new, the novel and, it is hoped, the better. There are only two ways to cultivate more listenership in the independent music business. Either increase the count of converts or keep reselling the established audience. In either case, one thing remains unacceptable: for a music lover: to be unhappy with what he has or to have learned nothing from the experience.

Reviews are both dangling lollipops and concealed weapons -- first they taunt and seduce, then they take away. For the sake of fairness, I have to add that the latter is purely self-inflicted.

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